Book: Tell Me Something Good

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She is the Ish...Tell Me Something Good theme is "The Group Chat." The virtual hangout for groups of friends and family...usually filled with life updates (un) solicited advice, and the biggest cheerleading squad celebrating every success and victory. This book reads like a group chat, filled with advice on life, business, love, and happiness. You may also find a devotional, an encouraging message and or maybe even yourself ....

Take an intimate journey with contributing author Rachael Yvonne Davis in her chapter titled; Onstage Question -
An excerpt from the book The Last Biscuit: A Pageant Girls Guide to Nailing your Onstage Question, and possibly getting a man in the process. *Wink*

You will laugh, cry and celebrate in this story of love, family, faithfulness, and pageantry.

*proceeds from the sale of the book go toward's Rachael Yvonne Davis's Humanitarian Efforts as Miss Plus World Humanitarian Ambassador 2022*